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Mater Natura pro nobis orat (2020)

written and performed by ICE for Connecticut Summerfest 2020

Joshua Rubin, clarinet; Ryan Muncy, saxophone; Ross Karre, percussion

Four Characters fom Camelot (Sonata for Tuba and Piano) (2020)

Deandre Desir, tuba; Zachary Detrick, piano

PLEASE NOTE this video is only movements 3 and 4

I. Arthur

II. Morgana

III. Guinevere

IV. Merlin

A Dragonfly's Dream (2021)

James Chanha Kang, viola; Zachary Detrick, hammered dulcimer

Alice Songs (2018) text by Lewis Carroll and David Bates

Beautiful Soup, Speak Gently, The Lobster-Quadrille

Lydia Graham, soprano; Zachary Detrick, accordion, Osheen Manukyan, cello; Steven Palacio, bassoon; Sasha Kasman, piano

organic prototypes (2019)

Choreographed by Todd Baker

Euijin Jung, Stella Perlic, percussion; Bowen Ha, double bass; Julian Gonzalez, contrabassoon

Danced by Aaron Choate, Ellexis Hatch, Eleni Loving

"A Short Symphony" (2019)

Juilliard Orchestra reading; Jeffrey Milarsky, conductor

A Short Symphony - Zachary Detrick
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The Two Clocks (2018) Text by Lewis Carroll.

Kenneth Cavett, narrator; Osheen Manukyan, cello

The Two Clocks - Zachary Detrick
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3 Riddles for Solo Cello (2017) Written for and performed by Philip Sheegog

I. for Frankie

II. for Boubacar

III. for Philip 

Grand Fun Alley (2017) for flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, percussion, prepared piano, violin, and cello. Written for and performed by Contemporaneous, conducted by Peter Askim


Transmissions from the Primordial Abyss (2015) for bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone and baritone. Written for and performed by loadbang

Puck's Fantasy (2015) for orchestra. Written for and performed by the New York Philharmonic, conducted by Courtney Lewis

3 Riddles III. for Philip - Zachary Detrick
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Grand Fun Alley - Zachary Detrick
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Transmissions from the Primordial Abyss - Zachary Detrick
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Puck's Fantasy - Zachary Detrick
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