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"I love the rush of translating my ideas into tangible forms. Composing also gives me a chance to respond to the world around me...Sometimes it’s just fun to compose really wacky stuff and see what kind of reaction it gets." Interview with Washington Square Winds (3/26/17) 

“Zachary Detrick brought warm, immersive textures…” Andrew R. Chow, New York Times (6/22/16).

"Zachary wanted to channel all his frustration over middle school: the social exclusivity, the cutthroat competitiveness among other piano students. The heart of the composition, he told me, was to be an “idea of chaos.” Nick Tabor, New York Magazine (6/26/15)

Music of Two Worlds, New York Philharmonic Young People's Concerts, program notes, p.3 (3/4/15) 

"In June alone, Zachary (who is 15) had a piece premiered (by the Special Music School High School Orchestra) as part of the New York Philharmonic Biennial, and had a different piece performed by Face the Music as part of Make Music New York..." New Music Box (7/10/14)​

"I wanted to try and write a very atmospheric orchestra piece..." Zachary says. "It ended up combining my feelings about the high school and a little bit about how it feels to write music."  NPR All Things Considered (5/28/14)

Influenced by his obsession with outer space, Detrick’s highly atmospheric orchestral piece explores his feelings about writing music...He’s thrilled to be part of the Biennial. “It’s very exciting,” he told National Public Radio’s Jeff Lunden in a recent interview..."I definitely think that being a composer is what I'm alive for,” he continued. “It's what I love doing. It's where I get to be my most creative and most inspired..." (5/23/14)

 “His 5 Duets for Flute and Bassoon were most proficient. The small scope didn’t preclude some quirky rhythms and wry little melodies.” Harry Rolnick, (4/26/10).

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