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To download a complete list of works, see the attached file below:

Juvenilia (2021, orch. 2023)

opera (3S and piano), text by Margot Connolly. 20’

orch. version: flute, clarinet, percussion, piano,

violin and cello.

Jabberwocky (2023)

soprano, two bassoons.

text by Lewis Carroll. 5' 

Two Emily Brontë Songs (2023)

for voices, clarinet, piano.

text by Emily Brontë. 7’

On Monsieur's Departure (2023)

for voice and piano.

text by Queen Elizabeth I. 4'

Dream-Land (2023)

for baritone voice and piano.

text by Edgar Allan Poe. 10'

trio for piccolo, piano, violoncello (2022)

piccolo, piano, cello. 8'

Loon Lake (after Charley Harper) (2022)

two bassoons, positioned spatially. 7'

Scorpion Ballet (2022)

oboe, bassoon, percussion,

synthesizer, double bass. 5'

arr. 2022 for four-hand piano.

A Dream Within A Dream (2022)

for voice and piano.

text by Edgar Allan Poe. 4'


Concerto for Orchestra No. 1 (2022)

for orchestra. 8'


Lake CHAMPlain (2021)

film score. 3’


A Dragonfly’s Dream (2021)

viola and hammered dulcimer. 4’


Nonsense Words (2021)

percussion solo. 10’


Mileva’s Lament (2020, rev. 21)

for voice (versions for S and Ms) and piano, text by Hannah McDermott. 4’


The Stardust Circus (2020)

full orchestra. 13’


Four Characters from Camelot (Tuba Sonata) (2020)

tuba and piano. 15’


Twistin’ and Isolde (2020, rev. 2021)

Timpani solo. 2’30”


Echoes from Katahdin (2020)

solo trumpet in C. 3’30”


Mater Natura pro nobis orat (2020)

for clarinet, saxophone, and percussion. 9’


To Our Mocking-bird (2019)

for MS and piano. Text by Sidney Lanier. 15’

organic prototypes (2019)

for 2 percussion, contrabassoon, double bass. 8'

with choreography by Todd Baker

"A Short Symphony" (2019)

full orchestra. 8'

String Quartet No. 2, “Christmas at Cracker Barrel” (2019)

string quartet. 9’



String Quartet No. 2, “My Books Are My Constant Companions” (2018)

string quartet. 6’


Feldeinsamkeit (2018)

for voice and piano. 

text by Hermann Almers. 2’30”


The Two Clocks (2018)

for cello and narrator, text by Lewis Carroll. 3’30”


halogen embers (2018)

3 flutes, 2 alto flutes, 2 trumpets,

harp, vibraphone. 8’30”


Alice Songs (2018-19)

for voices, piano, accordion, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, 2 percussion, harp and cello, text by Lewis Carroll and David Bates. 24’


It is Written: a study in temptation (2018)

for speaking percussionist, text from the Book of Matthew. 10’


Moving Pictures from Vacant Lots (2018)

for 2 pianos. 5’


Slowly Decapit(ate) (2017-18)

for chamber orchestra including drumset. 6’30”


Trombone Quintet (2017-18)

alto, 2 tenors, bass, contrabass. 8’


…et sequentur astra…(2017)

for trombone and electronics. 8’

3 Riddles for Solo Cello (2017)


I.   for Frankie

II.  for Boubacar

III. for Philip


Grand Fun Alley (2017)

flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, percussion, prepared piano, violin, cello. 5’


Armchair President Two (2016-17)

for big band. 10’


Miracles Out Of Nowhere (2016-17)

for woodwind quintet. 6’


A Challenge to All of Us (2016)

for string quartet and electronics. 9’


National Parks Suite (2016)

for woodwind quartet. 4’


Carlsbad Caverns (For Edgard Varèse) (2016)

for 10 percussionists. 5’30”


A Quiet Day on Planet Neptune (2016)

for orchestra. 4’30”


Piano Sonata (2015)

solo piano. 20’

I.    Sunset

II.   Toccata

III.  Distance in Micrometers

IV.  April Fools’

V.   Syzygy

VI.  Jardin de la sirène

VII. Sunrise

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